Haakpret HAK Crocheted Slippers

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Crocheted slippers by Anja Toonen of Haakpret contains the instructions for countless different soft slippers that will keep you warm all winter!

With the instructions of this book you can endlessly combine and crochet your own unique slippers.

The book contains 18 different sizes: from premature to XL.

An animal has been described for each size. Each animal can also be crocheted a few sizes smaller and larger.

All sizes can be crocheted in any color. 

Combine your own package! Choose your color for the outside and a nice matching color for the fur on the inside.
Make the comfortable warm slippers of your own taste! Click on the cute baby slippers on the bottom of the page and watch all our options!

If you also want to be able to walk outside with the slippers, the Botties rubber soles are for you!
Attach your homemade slippers to the Botties sole and you have extra long enjoyment of your creation!

What slippers are you going to make? With this book the choice is yours, you can make it your own!

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