Haakpret HAK Backpack Buddies To Crochet

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You can make the Buddies in various ways:

  • As backpacks with the arms as straps
  • As shoulder bags with shoulder strap
  • As a cuddly friend with lots of storage space for your favourite things
  • As a bag with a carry handle at the back of the neck

The backpack version features extra pockets within the feet.

This book contains the following Buddies:

• Rudi the Reindeer
• Clarabelle the Cow
• Timmy the Tiger
• David the Dinosaur
• Daisy the Dog
• Eddie the Elephant
• Betty the Bunny
• Freddy the Frog

Wanting to start right away? We offer the packages that contain all the necessities to make an amazing Backpack Buddie. 

Make our design, your design: make it your own!

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